The October yard sale will be held on Saturday, October 6 INSTEAD OF Saturday, October 22.  It will be held in the Shoppe at RPUMC, the parsonage and the annex.  Please mark your calendars accordingly.



Come join us on Sunday, October 7 immediately following the morning worship service for a Hawaiian Luau-themed luncheon.

We will be welcoming new members.  It's also a great opportunity to get together and fellowship.

We will be featuring pulled pork and Hawaiian meatballs.  All are welcome!

September 7, 2018 – May 24 2019
Fridays from 10 AM to Noon
Class rotates among RPUMC,
Peniel UMC and St. James

The books that will used are listed below.  If anyone would like St. James to order a book for them, please contact their office at 302-994-2029.

   PRAY LIKE JESUS – Rediscovering the Lord's Prayer by Don Underwood –
       St. James cost $10.00

   TRANSFORMING QUESTIONS by Scott Gunn and Melody Wilson Shobe – from
      Forward Movement – possibly free

   WHEN DID GOD BECOME A CHRISTIAN? – Knowing God Through the Old and
      New Testaments by David Kalas – St. James cost $12.00

   A JOURNEY WITH MARK  The 50-Day Bible challenge by Marek P. Zabriskie –
      St. James Cost $15.00


Janelle Middleton, Executive Director of CAP, expressed an immediate need for items to restock their shelves for needy families.  The following staples are in great need:  Pasta, pasta sauce, rice, peanut butter, jelly, tuna, cereal, canned fruit and roman noodles.  Please keep these items in mind when you do your grocery shopping.  Thank you!


Bags of Blessings are truly appreciated by the recipients because they provide nutrition when a meal isn't available.  The Mission Team appreciates all the donations given by the church which make this vital ministry possible.  The supplies are running a little low and we need to restock.  If you are out shopping and able to pick up a few supplies for the bags, please feel free to purchase the following items:

Bottled water (small 8 oz. size)
Individually wrapped packages of the following:
Crackers and Cheese or Peanut Butter Crackers-The 4 crackers to a pack type (can be found at the Dollar Store)
Goldfish (individual bags)
Cheez-it Crackers (individual bags)
Single serving Peanut Butter cups or Nutella cups (can be found at the Dollar Store)
Fruit Snacks (fruit cups can be found at the Dollar Store)
Protein Bars

Any questions, please see Lee Powell.


Since January 2007, we have been collecting loose change in our Wesley Tower Banks.  To date, we have received a total of $12,274.02.  This funding has been used to repay the funds we borrowed from our own church accounts when building the Tower.

We believe it's time for a change!  So, effective immediately, our church banks will be set out on communion Sundays and the ingathering of funds will be deposited in our Missions account.  This will help our church continue the great work it is doing in our community.  We appreciate your generous donations!