Sojourner's Place

There is a line item in the Richardson Park Church Missions Budget that the team has carried for the past two years since I've been the chair but not many of us knew exactly what it was all about.  It's called Sojourners' Place.  Has everyone heard of it?  Well, it's located on Northeast Blvd. in Wilmington and I took the information I'm about to read directly from their website.

From the Sojourners' Place Website - Why our program works...

This is the way of Sojourners' Place. Not just Hope for the Homeless, but also Light for the Journey.

Unlike emergency shelters which provide a place to get in and out of the weather, Sojourners' Place offers homeless women and men a place to get their lives back together, a place to come in to and go out from. Residents stay at Sojourners' Place as long as they need to stop being homeless. A successful graduate leaves Sojourners' Place with a full-time job and housing.

50 residents at a time stay as long as necessary to complete their individualized programs.

Each resident is evaluated to determine their unique needs, and signs a contract that he or she will fully participate in achieving the goal of self sufficiency, whether it is substance abuse education, life skills, GED, access to job training, mental health counseling or other services.

Once a resident completes the appropriate programs and is gainfully employed, we continue to shelter them, teaching them how to manage their money, to save, to become responsible for their own lives. Only when they are ready, do they leave.

Web site address – sojournersplace.org

        • Contact Sojourners' Place at:
          2901 Northeast Blvd.
          Wilmington, DE 19802

Maybe, if we support a good cause like this one, we can help reduce the violence in the city of Wilmington.  But even if we make just a small contribution to Sojourners' Place, we may just help one of our neighbors reclaim their life and become self-sufficient.  Thank you for your support of the missions of our church.